New Bedroom Addition

This October 9th, 2005, shot was taken three years after we decided that we needed a ground-floor bedroom because stairs are a leading cause of accidents for old people, which we now are. Stairs are six times more dangerous than tubs and showers, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

By the way, the CPSC says, to my surprise, that tubs and showers are only barely more dangerous than DOORS. People apparently try to walk backwards though doors they assume incorrectly to be open, they walk forward through glass and screen doors, they slam doors accidentally in people's faces and on their fingers and toes and pets.

Here's the bedroom:



Some people notice right away that we have no BED in the bedroom. I might explain that this is a safety feature: you can't fall out of a bed that is already on the floor. The truth is that we have not built the bed yet. We are too busy.

Old retired people are busy because when they worked they knew they couldn't do much except work. Once they don't work any more they think they can do anything and so they start trying to do everything they want to do.

One of the first things they realize is that they will DIE before they do even half the things they want to do that they can AFFORD. This makes them frantic, so they run around desperately trying to do all the things they think they MIGHT do before they die as fast as possible. So they do them badly and have to do them over, which makes them even busier than they were.

This bedroom makes ours officially a two-bedroom house. In Clarke County a room is not a bedroom unless it has a closet. It can have three BATHROOMS and two king-sized four-poster beds but if all it has for storage space is armoires, bureaus and chests of drawers, it is NOT a bedroom.

Our place started out as a NO BEDROOM house. Just a screen porch in the woods with a deck, a toilet, no kitchen and lots of tools, as you see below.



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