Here are some photos Ed recently sent us from Iraq:

Click on a thumbnail in this gallery to see a big pic.

Ed's first Iraqi clip job

Ed helps brief locals at a water-treatment plant.

Ed and bud preparing to commute

This is probably NOT a good candidate for GI housing or office space .. good sanitary facilities, though

Ed used to say his pistol would be the only armament his team would carry. The Grafitti appears to say "bloods rule, crips suck."

Where's a McDonald's when your really need an egg McMuffin?

A high-end commute. You know, it's maybe 130 degrees F. on the ground and maybe 65 up here?

We're supposed to fix THIS?

Ed and Buddy Shawn Keefe, ex-tanker, now a civilian Corps of Engineers -- or engineer corps; a designation Char hates.


Meanwhile Allison is back in Germany with Emma (age 5) and Eddie (age 1 1/2):

Allison at a cafe on the Rhein

Emma and Eddie in the mountains near Garmisch

Emma and Eddie at the Eibsee Lake

Eddie and neighbor Tyler (age 10) at Ponyland near Rudesheim

Emma at Ponyland near Rudesheim

Emma and friend Hannah overlooking Rudesheim



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