My take on the news
Whenever I feel paranoid,
I really must confess,
My attitude gets greatly buoyed
By the website of DHS


There's a little thingy there
I call the threat-o-mat
That lets the DHSers share
Where the threat level's at.

If the threat-o-mat shows red
You'll be alarmed to know
You're just this side of getting dead
So to the shelter go.

But if the threat-o-thing is green
To hide I'm sure is no more use.
What worries me is what t'will mean
If that damn thing should display puce.

(With apologies to that poor underpaid devil, Tom Ridge.. )



      The Washington Post.

Image of the Threatometer

 Presidential assistant Karl Rove answers the question: What would you do if you wanted to use the Dick Cheney F- word but felt that you could get in trouble for doing so?
Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, having failed to find an exit strategy, turns to magic to find a way out of Iraq.


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