Here's our woodshop

The state of confusion is one of the main reasons we're building the lumber barn. And this is on a good day! We'd like the only lumber in the shop to be the material for the current project: the cabinet, bookcase, piece of furniture or whatever that we plan to complete next. As it is the workingspace is increasingly eroded by scrap that's just too good to throw away and by stored sheetgoods.


Here, below, is what we often look like when we work in the shop:

That project, by the way is a post that will have some low-voltage outdoor lights in it out by the lumber barn. Probably just about where we have it here, below:

That unfinished structure off to the left is a vegetable garden. After we backfill there will be a twelve-foot wide road between the garden and where the decorative post is installed. The dark blob in the upper right-hand corner of this pic is the solar lumber kiln -- which will dry not only lumber but fruits and veggies!



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