These pages are about some hard wasted effort:

a nice project we built and had to tear out.

To the right: portulent Pye on the edge of the parking space. The brawny guy is an itinerant architect who does carpentry when nobody needs his design talents.


Right: the joists are nearly done. They ride on 4 x 4s set in concrete.
Right: nice side deck all done, screwed down with stainless steel squaredrive screws from McFeely's. It don't get much better than that!

The firewood shed is still a bare skeleton.

At far left is an electric hoist under a green tarp.

Shed's done! On the right you see the electric hoist Right: looking east at the woodshed from the main deck.

The hoist is barely visible behind the black cooker.

Soon after the deck and shed were done, we decided we needed a second bedroom and the cute little deck disappeared. In its place there yawned a rocky, muddy pit for the addition's foundation.

We hit three strata of rock separated by high-iron-content gluey red clay: sandstone, limestone and granite.

To the right is a view to the West taken the morning of Thursday, January 1, 2004.

To see the bedroom take shape, click here.



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